Some of these are animated GIFs (which is a file format for silent movies, no?) while others of these are MP4's.

Uri Geller Psychokinesing an Ashtray

This movie is based on a model I did back around 2007, based on an idea I had much earlier (sometime in the 1990's) for how to model a glass ashtray in POVRay.

It only became clear that it was, in fact, footage of a demonstration of psychokinesis by Uri Geller (not shown) after it was declassified by the CIA (and reclassified as fake news) in 2017.

Nautical Loop

Movie made in 2017, based on a model I did back around 2007. This is the "long version", and is the longest movie listed in this article.

Pulsating Blob


This is based on blob.pov by Alexander Enzmann, which is CC BY 3.0.

Moebius Bars


An arrangement of square prisms in a loop with a half-twist, spinning around.

Glass Warts


A glass sphere with smaller glass spheres around its perimeter, spinning around.