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yoob is a public-domain framework for implementing esoteric programming languages, and allowing them to be interactively run on programs in a Java™ applet.

Currently, yoob can interpret 21 languages: 1L_AOI, 1L_a, 2-ill, 2L, Ale, BackFlip, Befunge-93, Black, brainfuck, Circute, Etcha, Gemooy, LNUSP, noit o' mnain worb, PATH, Qdeql, Sceql, SMETANA, SNUSP, Wunnel, and Ypsilax. This exhibit shows yoob in action, and lets you play with all these esolangs online.

yoob is a framework for implementing esoteric programming languages in Java. It aims to make it easy for a user to experiment with a large number of esolangs with a minimal install burden (i.e. in a Java applet), and to make it easy for designers to rapidly implement and showcase their esolangs.