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Roguelike, MS-DOS, keyboard


A post-apocalyptic roguelike which is alternately realistic (I'm thinking particularly of the weather patterns) and silly (you can be attacked by monsters called the Bush and the Quayle... and let's not forget about the Venetian Blind!)

One of the best mutant powers to have is Mechanical Genius, which lets you take apart gadgets (like microwave ovens) and create new and interesting gadgets.

I had thought the name was an obvious play on "The Omega Man", given the post-apocalyptic nature of the game, but having just re-read the manual, the author claims it was inspired by the tabletop RPG's "Metamorphosis Alpha" (which was itself inspired by the novel "Non-Stop") and "Gamma World" (which was inspired by various post-apocalyptic novels and movies from the 1950's to 70's, which might well include "I am Legend" and "The Omega Man".) Of course, he doesn't say that the choice to combine "Alpha" with "man" came solely from Metamorphosis Alpha, and, while "Omega" refers to "last", "Alpha" and "Gamma" likely refer to the role of radiation, and well I mean it's all a bit of a Greek alphabet soup anyway isn't it.