An Online Parade of Cellular Automata

Saturday, April 06, 2013

It's about time! You can now play with Cat's Eye Technologies' cellular automata in your web browser on the following pages: REDGREEN, Circute, Braktif, Jaccia, and Jacciata.

I've wanted to be able to generate some kind of usable-in-a-web-browser code from ALPACA descriptions for a good long while. At one point I even considered hacking to generate yoob classes to do it. Well, the ALPACA language got a long-deserved update, and Perl gave way to Python for the new compiler; and yoob in Java has given way to yoob.js in Javascript.

(In fact, there's nothing much HTML5-specific about these Javascript implementations, except for a slider control for adjusting the animation speed, which is kind of crude and subject to change anyway.)

The few improvements to yoob.js that were spurred on by this effort to get these CA's online have also resulted in improvements to the online installations of Gemooy and noit o' mnain worb.