Chrysoberyl is now in ALPHA

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remember "The Great DVCS Exodus" (May 20, 2012)? (Well, if you don't, scroll down.) I am happy to say that it is, for all intents and purposes, complete: essentially all of our stuff is now in repositories on Bitbucket and GitHub.

And remember how I said that the role of might change in light of this, but that I wasn't sure how? Well, here's the deal. We have put together a database of sorts of all the things Cat's Eye Technologies has produced, and many of the things directly related to the things Cat's Eye Technologies has produced, and how they all relate, called Chrysoberyl.

I like to think of it as a sort of cross between a wiki and a semantic web and The Devil's Dictionary. It teases apart the relationships between programming languages (and other intangibles), implementations (things you can run), and distributions (things you can download), and casts it all in a bunch of YAML files with embedded Markdown. From these, a set of HTML5 pages can be generated, and lo and behold, these are now on the site.

They are, however, still in a very early stage of development. Expect the styling to change, the content to change, the structure to change, links to break, and the usual sort of thing.

This has a few implications for the rest of the site. The Gallery Space will stay more-or-less as it is for a while, but the Projects Space and the "About" documents will eventually go away, and will redirect into Chrysoberyl instead. In the meantime, they will likely not be updated to reflect the latest developments. Look at Chrysoberyl, or our repositories on Bitbucket and Github, instead, if you want to follow those.

And, more importantly for you (if you are reading this from our RSS feed) is that our RSS feed will no longer be updated. This will probably be the last item in it, except for an "Are you still reading this?" item when we've switched entirely over to Chrysoberyl. Instead, you will want to subscribe to our new Atom feed for news, generated from Chrysoberyl.

Check it out at