This is a list of collections with entries in Chrysoberyl.

  • Chris Pressey's Lingography

    (What is a "lingography", you ask? Well, if bands have disc-ographies and directors have film-ographies...)

    This is a list, given in approximate chronological order, of the languages I've designed and/or implemented. It is more-or-less unabridged, but not intended to be completely exhaustive. Most of these language are programming languages; some of them are formal languages, and some of them are automata of some kind. Many of them are esolangs. Some of them possibly aren't even languages at all; they just seem to fit the general theme of the list. Most of them have been implemented, and these implementations are available in downloadable distrbutions. At the bottom there is also a list of languages that I've implemented, but which were designed by someone else.

    You may also be interested in reading about what it was like to design these and/or the ones that got away.

  • Implementation Languages

    Just some of the programming languages we use at Cat's Eye Technologies to build stuff in.

  • LoUIE

    Here are some designs for esoteric programming languages that I've worked on, but which have turned out to be a bit resistant to joining the ranks of the completed. You could describe them as "open problems" in esolang design — but that would suggest that the completed designs would be "solutions" to something. (Ha!)

    I've disseminated what little I have for these designs here because it looks unlikely that I'll have the time and resources to complete them in the near future, and I am a gracious individual who wouldn't want to hoard these potentially beautiful things.

    If you would like to continue the work on any of these designs, feel free. Of course, if you do manage to complete something based on one of them, I would appreciate being given some credit (since you are a gracious individual as well, right?)

  • Programming Language Matrix

    This is a matrix of all the programming languages known to Chrysoberyl, collating them with known implementations of those languages, and things known to be implemented in those languages.

    If you find this chart a little daunting, I don't blame you, and you might want to start exploring Cat's Eye Technologies' programming language materials from some other page:

  • Project Matrix

    Projects that have been undertaken under the auspices of Cat's Eye Technologies and What is this I don't even.

  • Retrocomputing

    Stuff done at Cat's Eye Technologies on older computers, or more often, an emulation of such a computer on a modern computer instead.