Console::Virtual Revived, HUNTER and worb Benefit

Friday, November 23, 2007

Noticing that the Perl 5 implementation of HUNTER required a module that was never restored to the website after the last crash, I dug it out of cold storage and refurbished it a bit, resulting in Console::Virtual.

In the process I tidied up the HUNTER project quite a bit, including supporting a real delay, measured in milliseconds, between animation frames. (This requires the Time::HiRes module, but it still works without it; you just can't get sub-second resolution in that case.)

And, in the process of doing that, I noticed the implementation of noit o' mnain worb could use many of the same improvements. So now it, too, uses Console::Virtual instead of requiring an ANSI-compatible terminal, and supports an adjustable delay between frames.

Concurrent with this project interdependency, I've made a quick stab at listing the requirements for each project in the little "info box" on its project page. This is pretty crude right now, but it's hopefully a step in the right direction.

Check it out at