This is a list of databases with entries in Chrysoberyl.

  • Chrysoberyl

    Chrysoberyl is an attempt to catalogue and curate all things produced by, and related to, Cat's Eye Technologies, largely revolving around its output of programming languages, tools, platforms, libraries, games, and music. It is sort of a cross between a wiki and a semantic web and The Devil's Dictionary.

  • The Dossier

    While Chrysoberyl is an attempt to catalogue and curate things related directly to Cat's Eye Technologies, The Dossier was created to curate things only indirectly related. It arose after an undesirable amount of stuff that was only indirectly related to Cat's Eye Technologies found its way into Chrysoberyl.

    The Dossier is also oriented towards long-form, opinion-based writing, distinct from Chrysoberyl's short-and-unbiased-blurb approach.