Dropped support for Mercurial repos on Bitbucket

Friday, August 05, 2016

I like Mercurial. It was the first DVCS I learned to use, and I've always found it easier to use than git. I like Bitbucket too, largely because they'll give you private repositories for no charge, if you're a small team. I like that.

In fact, I like both of them enough to have gone to the trouble of keeping all of Cat's Eye Technologies' distributions mirrored in both git repositories on GitHub and Mercurial repositories on Bitbucket.

But alas, this has become far too much trouble in the upkeep, mainly because hg-git no longer works reliably for me. (You can see the fascinating bug report if you would like more details.) Even when it does work, it's yet another step I need to remember to take, and Mercurial doesn't work entirely reliably on my web server either now, etc., and basically I have better things to do with my time than hassle with this.

So, if you were using this Mercurial repositories on Bitbucket and are inconvenienced that you now must use Git repositories on GitHub instead, I apologize, but by all accounts you are in the distinct minority.

As for this news feed, I've been lax in updating it, and yes, I apologize for that too. I will try to post a catch-up update sometime in the near future.