A programming language in the genre of esolang by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, ca Sep 1, 2010

Esowiki: Eightebed

Eightebed is a small language with explicit malloc and free. Through a modicum of static analysis and runtime support, Eightebed is "safe": it is not possible to dereference a dangling pointer or otherwise incorrectly-populated memory.

Eightebed was designed as a counter-example to Gregor Richards' claim that such a language would either need a garbage collector, or not actually implement free. Eightebed has a real free and has no garbage collector.

Sample Program

type node struct {
    int value;
    ptr to node next;
var ptr to node jim;
var ptr to node george;
    jim = malloc node;
    if valid jim {
        [@jim].value = (1 + 4);
        george = jim;
    if valid george {
        print [@george].value;
    free george;
    free jim;

Computational Class

believed Turing-complete

Programming Paradigms

Defined by

8ebed2c.py in the Eightebed distribution




The name "Eightebed" came from a typo by Alise for the word "enlightened".