I'd been meaning to re-implement this for ages

Friday, April 12, 2013

Turn back the clock. It's 1994. NAFTA. OJ Simpson. Rwanda. And SMETANA, implemented for the first time in Visual Basic.

And, unseen by all but maybe three or four people, Cyclobots.

Also implemented in Visual Basic. Described as an "interactive desktop toy". Fun to watch. Languished in obscurity because I had other interests at the time.

Then, the Visual Basic programs were forgotten, and eventually lost. When Java came on the scene, I had meant to re-implement it as an applet. But man, that must have been one low priority TODO item, because I never got around to it.

Until now.

'Course, it's not a Java applet now, it's Javascript on an HTML5 canvas, so make sure you're using one of those awesome new cutting-edge browsers, i.e., you've updated your Interwebs Explorer recently.

If you enjoyed watching what happens when you click "Revolution!" — and I mean really enjoyed it — feel free to show your appreciation by tossing a quarter into this here empty guitar case.