Is Twitter your thing?

Friday, February 13, 2015

I ask because it is definitely not my thing.

But I recognize that it might be your thing, and that you might find it convenient to receive updates about Cat's Eye Technologies, via Twitter.

I mean, on a technical level, there's no reason it shouldn't serve as a good platform for announcements and updates. It's not my fault that that's not how most people use it.

And, hey, it's Friday the 13th today!. Spooky stuff happens on Friday the 13th, right? Spooky stuff like announcing that you are now on (ugh) Twitter.

Thus, I will grit my teeth and bear it.

Here, follow your little hearts out:


Content you can expect:

  • announcements of new things at Cat's Eye Technologies, yes;
  • highlighting interesting esolangs, computational art, conceptual art, and related stuff out there, yes;
  • every single brainfart I have, no;
  • retweets of every clever thing that passes through my feed, no.

Frequency you can expect:

  • We're aiming for 1 tweet per day.
  • Rarely will you ever see more than 2 tweets in the space of 12 hours.

If Twitter is not your thing, fear not, as this self-same Article feed will continue, and will remain pretty much as it has been for the past, um, seven and a half years! (holy cow!)