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Monday, September 17, 2012

So yeah, let's catch up with all the exciting, exciting non-Chrysoberyl-related developments we've seen here in the past few days!

First, please welcome our latest newcomer to the menagerie, Jolverine. I haven't been able to write a loop in it yet, but Ørjan is figuring that part out.

Second, I remembered why I designed Etcha — it was part of a larger, stranger, maze-based automaton called Zame. Which is now described on the esowiki.

Third, I finally got around to implementing Thue. In Ruby. I've been maintaining a distribution of it for so long without contributing to it, I felt it was overdue. And now there is a new release of the Thue distribution.

Fourth, Keymaker reported a bug with in — and while fixing it, I found another fixed that one too, and there has been another release of the SMITH distribution.

Lastly, while implementing a truth-machine in Ypsilax I found a bug in too (turns out, in Perl, the string '0' is false-y. It's things like that why I don't code in Perl much anymore.) So there's a new release of the Ypsilax distribution too.