New implementations of Xoomonk and Pixley

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Xoomonk 1.0 was recently released. For this release, a Xoomonk interpreter was implemented in Python, using the Falderal tests written for the test-driven language design approach used in Xoomonk 0.1's documentation. I've used test-driven language design successfully in other projects (Castile, Robin) since Xoomonk was released, but it was the first project in which I proposed the concept, so it's nice to see it finally realized there.

The semantics of Xoomonk 1.0 are slightly simpler than those set out for Xoomonk 0.1 — specifically, a variable is considered unsaturated in a block if it is never assigned a value in that block (and not just if it is used in the block before it is assigned a value.) The syntax for built-ins also changed slightly. But these are not major changes, and the same original mouthfeel of malingering updateable stores is still there (and implemented!)

Pixley 2.0-2013.1024 has also been released. There are no changes to the language in this release, but two new implementations, mignon, in ANSI C, and haney, in Haskell, have been added to the reference distribution. They both implement Pixley well enough to serve as the bottom of a tower of Pixley interpreters. Many of the supporting materials (scripts, tests) have also been cleaned up.