Oops, I just turned Chrysoberyl into a blogging platform

by Chris Pressey, Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm not much of a blogger. I've considered starting a blog a few times, but the thing is, most blogs are either about trends or opinions (or both, combined: reactions), and I don't follow trends, and when I have opinions, they're about specific things. (Which is why the old catseye.tc had an "About" section, and why Chrysoberyl lets commentary be attached to particular nodes.) And those opinions, like the things themselves, are relatively "evergreen" -- they're not news, there's no need to go announcing them. I also like to be able to edit/tweak/update an opinion incrementally after writing it, which also fits poorly with the blog model. [EDIT: see what I mean?]

At the same time, I do generate news, if not trends, and these announcements that I've implemented such-and-such or updated such-and-such are news articles, even if they're short ones.

And sometimes I have something to say that's not focussed on a single topic, and it fits best as a stand-alone article, such as my retrospective on esolang design.

Therefore, I merged the concepts of "News Item" and "Article" into just Article in Chrysoberyl, and all articles get included in the Atom feed, whether they're explicitly "news" or not. The result is that Chrysoberyl is, among all the other words that already don't describe it, now a blogging platform.

That's not to say you'll be seeing a lot of blog posts in the news feed. Even this article, which I consciously tried to write like a blog post, is still really mostly an announcement.

But you might see some. You totally might. Yeah, you're totally going to hear every little nitpick I have about why the latest version of Gadget X (resp. Language X) sucks and why GadgetCorp (resp. the Language X community) is going totally off-course as a company (resp. open-source project). Because that's so totally the kind of thing I give a crap about.