We believe that open-source software has an important civic and didactic role in modern society. Civic, in that with it, communities of individuals with common software needs can serve those needs independently of governmental or corporate organization; and didactic, in that open-source software is not only a great source of utility but, perhaps more importantly, a potentially excellent source of educational material as well.

For these reasons, many of Cat's Eye Technologies' software projects have been placed under permissive licenses and made available for public access on the Internet. We generally favour the BSD license, as we find it clear, succinct, and pointific.

However, we also believe that it is important to recognize that the present culture of open source also has an ugly streak. Advocacy too often degrades into proselytizing, while philosophy is warped into doctrine. Dishearteningly, we believe that Nikolai Bezroukov is justified in comparing these ideological tendencies to Lysenkoism.

At Cat's Eye Technologies, we are attempting to counter this trend by being explicit about our reasons: We contribute to the pool of open-source software not because it is some kind of moral imperative, but simply because it is a good idea. We encourage others to do likewise.