Presenting Amiga Gondola

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This year — about two months ago, to be more exact — marked the 20th anniversary of Befunge-93. How to commemorate this historic occasion?

Well, one way would be to design its twenty-year successor, "Befunge-113". But that's just typical, y'know? Besides, I doubt there's much left to be done with Befunge besides suck all the fun out of it by defining it more formally. At any rate, I don't think any Befunge-113 I could come up with at the moment would make very many people happy, so: proposal declined.

A better idea: make it easier to re-create the development environment in which Befunge-93 was originally developed. Namely, AmigaDOS 1.3 on an Amiga 500.

So, that's what we did, and the result is Amiga Gondola, a set of shell scripts which, given an E-UAE emulator, images of the Workbench and Extras disks, and access to Aminet, put together an environment which, while not being a totally authentic copy of the environment I was using twenty years ago, is a perfectly cromulent development environment for AmigaDOS 1.3.

More information about Amiga Gondola and some nice screenshots can be found in its README.