RSS Feed Now Available for Cat's Eye Technologies

Saturday, December 01, 2007

News on the latest developments at Cat's Eye Technologies is now available as an RSS feed. The news page is still available, but it is now automatically generated from the RSS feed by an XSLT stylesheet.

This may seem like a bit of a dodgy move, for a company with as staunch an attitude of post-modernist rectitude as Cat's Eye Technologies to go adopting technologies that are clearly of Pakled origin.

However, there are several good reasons. Firstly, XSLT, being a Turing-complete macro-expansion language with all the readability of Scheme, is practically an honourary esolang. Secondly, RSS is specified about as rigorously and consistently as most esolangs as well. And thirdly — although I dispute that this is a particularly important reason — somebody might actually find it useful.

Check it out at