Release of Falderal version 0.8 "Ukrainian Village"

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A "new" version of Falderal, version 0.8 "Ukrainian Village", has been released.

I say "new" because, well, it's basically the same as it's been for the last year, when the Test.Falderal implementation of Falderal in Haskell was replaced by the py-falderal implementation in Python, which was christened the new reference implementation.

This switcheroo happened right after the last distribution of Falderal in which Test.Falderal was the reference implementation, version 0.7 "Odgen Avenue", was released. Unfortunately, I see by my records that I never announced that in this news feed, so, this may be news to you. Yes, it's written in Python now. And much like version 0.7 was a release of Falderal to get it out of the way so I could start working on a brand new code base (in Python), version 0.8 is a release to get this relatively-stable Python version out of the way so I can start making larger, long-overdue improvements to it.

The Falderal Literate Test Format has not changed much between 0.7 and 0.8. The main change is now that blocks must be indented by four spaces. It is generally assumed that Falderal test files will be embedded in Markdown and have file extensions like .markdown that let software (e.g. Github and Bitbucket) know how to pretty-format them.

In related news, recent improvements to toolshelf allow it to run any tests defined in a source tree, and to operate on all source trees owned by a given user on a given host. The end result being that we can now say toolshelf test and have it test all of Cat's Eye Technologies' active distributions. And the even better news is that, out of approximately 112 distributions, 22 have tests (mostly done with Falderal), and all 22 of those currently pass on both Ubuntu and Windows (under Cygwin).