The Aftermath of NaNoGenMo 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

So NaNoGenMo survived into a second year.

It probably would have made more sense to mention it at the beginning of November, rather than two-thirds through December, but — well — it's all very exciting when its time of year comes around you see, and I get distracted. Last year, I didn't bother to say anything about it even after it was over. So this is, at least, an improvement over that.

In 2014, Cat's Eye Technologies (or rather, Chris Pressey sponsored by the auspices of Cat's Eye Technologies — or something) staffed the NaNoGenLab, running one experiment in the generation, transformation, and general mutilation of text, per day, for the month of November. (So that was a goal of: 30 experiments. But we actually ended up with 32, somehow.)

Out of this chaos, we generated some novels too, which you can read in the Texts section.

And I regret with alarm to note that, right in the middle of November, there was an unfortunate... aesthetic incident... which resulted in... measures being taken, you see... resulting in the creation of this monstrosity. Listen at your own risk.

Oh! And, um, I dusted off some gewgaws that were just languishing in the lab, and put them on the site. They are, in no particular order, The Judgment of Paris, Woman on Film, Radialjective, and Circus Xamulus.

And also Cheshire Text, which is not a gewgaw but a text, but which was not done for NaNoGenMo, because it's not a novel. And a Text Uniquifier, which isn't a novel or a text but which was done for NaNoGenMo because it's a generator, or at least a filter, which I've classified, provisionally, as a gewgaw. Clear as mud, eh?