The Great DVCS Exodus

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Did you know that the website is statically generated with a set of XSLT templates? Well, it's true. This has certain advantages — like, when was the last time you saw broken XHTML on one of the project pages? But it has disadvantages, too. Namely, it's becoming a pain to update.

Meanwhile, we've been putting more and more of our projects under distributed version control. We tend to use Mercurial but hg-git provides a fairly seamless bridge to git repositories, too. And then there's these sites that host such repositories for you, Bitbucket and Github (among others).

So, we've been neglecting a bit lately, and have been putting our projects onto Bitbucket and GitHub, and making updates to them there. There are certain advantages to doing so. For example, if you find a bug in one of our implementations, you can fork that project, fix the bug, and even if Chris doesn't respond to your pull request for three or four years, at least your fork will be out there and available to anyone else who might be interested. On top of that, the source browsers on both of these sites are better than anything we have the time to invest in putting on this site. (Besides, if we go the way of _why, chances are some of our projects will end up there anyway, so why not give them a head start?)

But no, this does not mean the end of I mean, we have to keep it, or all our Java package hierarchies will be busted, right? And I think people are peeved enough over all the old links that are still around that lead to all the old domain names Cat's Eye Technologies has used in the past — no sense putting another one on that heap, if we can help it. But the role of might change somewhat. I don't know yet. We'll see.

Anyway, the point is: keep watching this space, but if you want breaking updates on what kind of crazy crap we're working on this minute, check out Cat's Eye Technologies on Bitbucket and/or Cat's Eye Technologies on Github.

Check it out at