We Three Things of Disorient Are

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Alright, so it's a little late, I admit, but puns of that quality take time! We present three remotely fungeoid little esolangs that, in fact, were designed before Christmas: Gemooy, Nhohnhehr, and Kelxquoia. They're not in our project space yet, but they are on the esolang wiki, and one of them (Nhohnhehr) has an implementation already, thanks to Marinus.

So, take a gander at 'em, and you'll be saying, "Hey Chris, where'd you get your programming language designer's license? A cereal box?"

Actually, that'd be a pretty cool breakfast cereal, to have a prize like that...

Check it out at http://catseye.tc/cpressey/lingography.html#Gemooy