Wierd (one of 'em) is now installed online

Monday, February 09, 2015

So back in the mists of time — by which I mean the late 90's — there was this three-way email conversation between me, Ben Olmstead, and John Colagioia, right?

And in it, we collectively sketched a fungeoid language which combined elements of Befunge-93 with elements of brainfuck and added an original element — it's the bends in the chain of symbols, rather than the symbols themselves, that determine which instructions are executed.

And now, a new page has been added to this language's long and fuzzy history: it, or rather, one of the extant dialects of it, has been implemented in Javascript and HTML5 with yoob.js and installed online here:

This may be the first implementation of (any) Wierd in a web browser. Or it may not; searching the web for "wierd javascript" doesn't return as many results as you might think (as, apparently, a lot of people think Javascript is pretty weird, and have a propensity to mis-spell the word "weird".)

I would like to implement the other extant dialect, too, some day. But not today.