hosted on new servers

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

"Here's a nickel, kid. Get a real web hosting service."

So I did.

You should see few if any changes. The ones you might see are:

  • is no longer an alias for, although I'll probably set up a redirect in the near future, maybe, if I get around to it.
  • Getting documentation (of esolangs, etc.) onto has always been a bit of a pain, and that fact hasn't changed, so only links to documentation on Github are given here for now.
  • On the plus side, URLs for Chrysoberyl nodes now look much nicer; you can use underscores instead of spaces, kind of like what Mediawiki does. The old URLs will still work too, though.
  • The new servers are in Europe. That may affect your latency.

Everything else should be pretty much as it was. If you see anything really broken, feel free to let me know.