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Threnody for

Threnody for Abraxas


The randomly-assembled phantasmagoric Surrealist word/concept-painting you are about to read/view, like much of Surrealist art, may contain scenes of depravity, degeneracy, injustice, and general weirdness, and like much generative art, may contain unintentional racism, unintentional sexism, unintentional blasphemy, and general nonsense.

You may find it disturbing, disgusting, offensive, soul-revealing and/or soul-destroying. No one will blame you if you simply walk away without reading/viewing it.

Now, you cannot say you were not warned.

Tableau 1

A Baltic basket of supersonic agar, whose lipstick applicator is concealing the bonbon and a meat-oriented tent, is portentously examining the mug of Scandanavian punctuation beside an uncannily peaceful beard. The curtly chessman-oriented shipping container of brains is the specially naughty beard and the gummy walrus. The syringe-obsessed box of blood is stretching on top of a Nazi. The surprising knife is confronting a putative ballerina inside a ladle. The Indian fire extinguisher, whose easel is abducting an arrow, while a lipstick applicator, which is a fern, is superficially oppressing the uncooperatively terraced mug of agar inside the weak arrow, is loudly sucking on a ghost.

The horrid harem is challenging an iceberg and the plaster newspaper against the profoundly fetching taxicab. A tiresome shotgun and the cynical ballerina and the ball, which are emptily examining a clean autobahn towards the fern, are deceiving the furious crate of smoothly unique packing material around the objet d'art and a sunset-commisar. A knife and the scoundrel are coherently approaching the amusing canyon. The repugnantly apparatchik-oriented shipping container of Irish kilts and a pragmatically infantile poem are harassing an ocelot outside a unique ladle and a rough politician. The apology is the unseemly joie de vivre, while the ladle is disappointingly forgiving a Brazilian faux pas beneath the viciously automatic siren and the Catherine wheel. The officious escutcheon, which is squatting lankily on top of a commonly dainty armistice, is speaking. The police officer is deceiving the door on top of the truck and the northern basketball and the loudly tired haricot vert.

The tree, whose sordidly reluctant club is the stick, is prevaricating dishonestly on top of a Nazi and a calmly salty oyster. A guardedly hollow mouse is challenging an automaton towards a smoothly Welsh harmonica and a mimeograph machine. An ingrained schadenfreude is mellifluously abducting the special stairwell and a logarithmic sword-swallower under a green thumbtack, while a despot, which is sauntering towards an ancillary faux pas, is quizzing the interminable tub of fish and a hollowly dull sword-swallower. A harem is wailing. A plate of oil is abducting a goat towards a kilt. A zeitgeist is profoundly dissecting a demon. A door is wading surprisingly on top of the stairwell. The werewolf and a saltily miniscule clementine and the pragmatically distilled rabbit full of apparatchiks and the schadenfreude full of loud punctuation and the pillbox are endlessly attacking a Freemason behind the longitudinal helicopter and the tuxedo and a gooey wireless set and the book, whose demon is chasing the elastic desk and a lentil and the basketball beside a guardedly African newspaper, while an haricot vert and the walrus and the poem are inspecting the unicorn and an easel inside the disappointingly mean township, while the sewing kit is waiting ironically around the fire extinguisher.

A surprising hobo is grumpily contemplating a jug of snide gezpatcho on top of a Canadian umbrella. An oily pince-nez is creeping. An ultimate accident is irascibly forgiving the cold rabbit outside the stick, while the peacefully Prussian automaton is subtly parenthesizing a languishingly lazy assumption and the book-affordance and an Italian Reiki practitioner. The rough despot is a Belgian bouillabaise, while the emptily complete icebox is hiding. The curt lunch is dreamily restraining a bouillabaise beneath the napkin.

Not far away, the emptily neat threat and an abbot are coagulating grandiloquently outside the cowardly tub of confused balls. A newspaper is a tiresome shipping container of lazily seditious fire extinguishers and the seditiously incredible telephone, while a Freemason is chasing the light. A Reiki practitioner is masquerading as a plate of taxicabs and an airport, which are the whale and an enamel lipstick applicator, whose dizzy tree is a quote. The cowardly atlas is considering the disaster, while the full egg timer is the heart and the opaque kilt. A ceramic tile is an armistice, which is nursing a politician and a disillusioned mimeograph machine under the superficial credit card.

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Despite all this, a lunch and a slight sphere and the objet d'art are dissecting a quote and the candy bar inside the cello. The township, whose smoothly verified ball is prevaricating towards an entrepreneur, is superficially chasing the entrepreneur, whose Norman tattoo is the intelligent mimeograph machine, behind a packing-material-soaked door. A deeply stovies-obsessed hairbrush is completely conversing with the opaque kilt. The key and the junkie are coagulating beneath an Italian icebox and the insurance claims adjuster. An eldritch tub of insufferable gloves and the pretty needle are the stairwell. A breeze, which is concealing the vicious shaman below the Scandanavian apparatchik, is accosting a lentil below the napkin. A pencil case is contemplating the harmonica through a police officer, while the airport is retreating. A blue cult is restraining a mannequin around the clementine.

A curious commisar is candidly quizzing the egg-beater. A harem is censoring the parliamentary mimeograph machine, which is restraining the scientific beard beside the neatly special faux pas, under a Chinese disease. The grandiloquent ocelot and a star-oriented candy bar are attacking a punter towards the curt bouillabaise, while the virtual crate of iron, whose tiresomely unbelievable Freemason is jumping behind a schadenfreude, while the tissue is hopelessly seeming to be the recidivistic tattoo and the walrus, is walking. The bell is chastizing a wireless set below an affordance. The cannibal and the entrepreneur are spinning. The perfectly academic jug of shotguns is robustly surveying a lipstick applicator.

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Tableau 2

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Tableau 3

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Tableau 6

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Tableau 7

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Tableau 8

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Tableau 10

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Tableau 11

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