Point-and-Click Adventures of Note

This is a list of adventure games of note that, in contrast to text adventures, use a point-and-click interface to accept instructions from the player.


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It was certainly ported to a lot of platforms.

King's Quest V

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Alexander takes a mint.

This game is fairly well written, which is in stark contrast to the other games in the King's Quest series, which are simply painful.

If, however, you like things that are so bad that they are absurdly bad (and considering whose articles you're reading, that's not unlikely,) King's Quest IV has moments of morbidity that may make it worthwhile: Graham's scream as he falls off the icy cliffs, and the narrator's jesting about "dying for a drink." But don't even try playing the endgame without a walkthrough.


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What struck me the most was that the entire thing was audio and graphics; no text. All the dialogue was spoken. (This was the case for KQV as well, but I played Loom in the early 90's, and I didn't encounter KQV until much later.)