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Orthogonal Easement Library

Fingerprint 0x4f525448 ('ORTH')

Under development.

The ORTH fingerprint is designed to ease transition between the Orthogonal programming language and Befunge-98 (or higher dimension Funges.) Even if transition from Orthogonal is not an issue, the ORTH library contains some potentially interesting instructions not in standard Funge-98.

After successfully loading ORTH, the instructions A, E, G, O, P, S, V, W, X, Y, and Z take on new semantics. The following table, which can be used to translate Orthogonal to Funge-98 and back, includes which Orthogonal instructions they emulate:

    Funge       Orthogonal  Semantic

    +       +       add
    *       *       multiply
    -       -       subtract
    /       /       divide
    %       %       modulo (positive values only)
>>> A       &       bitwise AND
>>> O       |       bitwise OR
>>> E       ^       bitwise EXOR
    !       !       logical negate
    \       ~       swap
    :       @       duplicate
    $       $       pop
    <       L       go west
    >       H       go east
    ^       K       go north
    v       J       go south
    ]       cw      rotate right
    [       ccw     rotate left
    r       rev     reverse
>>> X       x       change x
>>> Y       y       change y
>>> V       dx      change dx
>>> W       dy      change dy
>>> G       =       ortho get
>>> P       #       ortho put
>>> Z       ?       ramp if zero
    ,       c       output character
>>> S       s       output string
    .       d       output decimal
    z       nop     no operation
    q       ret     quit