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Generic Interface to the Perl Language

Fingerprint 0x5045524c ('PERL')

Under development.

The PERL fingerprint is designed to provide a basic, no-frills interface to the Perl language.

After successfully loading PERL, the instructions E, I, and S take on new semantics.

S ('Shelled') pushes a 0 on the stack if the Perl language is already loaded (e.g. the interpreter is written in Perl). It pushes a 1 on the stack otherwise, indicating that the Perl language will be shelled when needed.

E ('Eval') pops a 0gnirts string and performs a Perl eval() on it, possibly (or not) shelling Perl as indicated by S above. The result of the call is pushed as a 0gnirts string back onto the stack.

I ('Int Eval') acts the same as E, except that the result of the call is converted to an integer and pushed as a single cell onto the stack.