An Operating System for the Linearly Challenged

A platform by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, ca 1999

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BefOS is a program which boots off of a floppy disk, and is billed as a Befunge-themed toy operating system for the IBM PC compatible architecture. However, it omits most of the functionality of an operating system, and most of the functionality of Befunge as well, and therefore might be more accurately described as a disk sector editor with some unusual features.

Defined by

BefOS (NASM) in the BefOS distribution



Native Language

x86 machine code

Other Languages


This is a project I began in the late 90's, to write an "operating system" in the theme of Befunge-93. It never got very far, but it does boot and do some cute things, so a few years ago I modernized it (from Turbo Assembler to NASM) and made it available here. More recently, I installed it online so you can try it out in your web browser.