(Platonic Ideal Brainfuck Interpeter)

by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies

This is an implementation of the programming language brainfuck. It is an interpreter, written in Erlang. It is distributed in the pibfi distribution and it is distributed under the BSD license.

In contrast to all the ultra-minimal Brainfuck interpreters and compilers out there, I figured I should write a monster: the Platonic Ideal BrainFuck Interpreter. Written in Erlang, it contains just about every feature under the sun, including the kitchen sink. I sort of lost interest when I was adding profiling and discovered there were several different extant reckonings of a "number of instructions executed" metric for Brainfuck. I guess it was that point that made me recognize just how silly this project was...


To run this implementation, you need:


Download latest release (1.0-2012.0826)


Github: catseye/pibfi

Issue tracker: on github

Previous Releases