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The Dossier

Writings by Chris Pressey. May be curational in nature (whatever that means.) May pertain to Cat's Eye Technologies, or may not. Articles marked (U) are under construction. Articles with a published-date are "frozen". All other articles are subject to change.

Articles Contained Herein


Programming Languages


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Implementation Notes

Articles are written in Feedmark format, which is a subset of Markdown for embedding curational information. Just as a Markdown file is still a readable text file, which is nice, a Feedmark file is still a readable Markdown file, which is still a readable text file, which is nice.

There are some scripts for managing these files in the script directory.

These articles will probably eventually have prettier HTML versions of them hosted somewhere like or someday, but for now, being Markdown, they are readable directly on

There will eventually be a "master index" to be used when linking to entries.