These are nominally projects that Cat's Eye Technologies has done in the past, and which don't have distributions anymore. But it's very fuzzy actually, and this article is a real grab-bag right now.

Amiga Gondola


Amiga Gondola is a set of scripts to set up a development environment under AmigaDOS 1.3, generally on an Amiga 500 emulated by the E-UAE emulator.

It has been superceded by Funicular.

Implementation: ' (Amiga Gondola)':



FreeBSD 4.x syscons bell hook to run executable.

Implementation: belld.c



Utility to translate I/O interactively.

Implementation: brace.c


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Console::Virtual is a simple, lightweight abstraction layer which allows a program to interact with the user through a console, which is emulated on whatever user interface is really available.

It's bundled with several distributions of esolangs implemented in Perl (Ypsilax, noit o' mnain worb, HUNTER). It also has its own distribution, but this is discontinued, as no further work will be done on it, and it will not be used in new products.

Implementation: Console::Virtual (Perl module)



crone is a simple cron-like facility. Unlike most crons, it does not periodically activate and run whatever tasks are due to run; instead it calculates the amount of time between now and when the next is due to run, and sleeps exactly that long.

Implementation: crone.erl



Guten-gutter is a command-line tool that removes the boilerplate from Project Gutenberg text files.

Implementation: guten-gutter (Python)



This was a little experiment. Conclusion: Lua interpreter: not a recommended thing to put in a kernel module.

Implementation: luakld (C)


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An IRC bot with no purpose or plan.

Implementation: mzstorkipiwanbotbotbot (Lua)

Implementation: Rtype

(This is kind of wrong because this bot isn't another implementation of mzstorkipiwanbotbotbot, in fact in some way it's a completely different bot. But whatever.)


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A fairly realistic line-noise generator.

Implementation: noise (Perl)


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Rooibos is a parser combinator library for Python. Modelled somewhat after yeanpypa (self-contained, public domain), but compensates for what I considered a fatal flaw in yeanpypa (no good way to describe a recursive grammar.) Has a fatal flaw of its own (can only parse strictly LL(1) grammars — no backtracking is yet possible.) Originally used in Eightebed, but provided here for ease of transplanting into other projects.




seedbank is a Python module which takes care of recording the seed used for random generation, and allowing a previously used seed to be used again in the future.

Implementation: seedbank (Python)



The SPlenetic ASseMbler. Possibly the most grotty hack implementation of an "assembler" in existence. It's possible.

The name of this node is incorrect for technical reasons. It is actually called SP\ASM.

Implementation: SP_ASM.BAT

The name of this node is incorrect for technical reasons. It is actually called SP\ASM.BAT.


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toolshelf is a "package manager" which doesn't actually install any files. Instead, it stores the source trees of sundry packages in a single directory, and manages your search paths to include the relevant subdirectories of those trees. The source trees are typically the working directories of local git or Mercurial clones, or they can be source distributions from tarballs.



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Yet Another End Of Line Converter

Implementation: yaeolc (Perl)


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yoob is a framework for implementing esoteric programming languages in Java. It aims to make it easy for a user to experiment with a large number of esolangs with a minimal install burden (i.e. in a Java Web Start application), and to make it easy for designers to rapidly implement and showcase their esolangs.

It has an article on the esowiki, yoob, but being written in Java, with the intent of being distributed as an applet, it's largely considered deprecated these days.

However, it can still be started from a web page, if you have Java Web Start installed — so you can still see it in action here.

Implementation: tc.catseye.yoob