Cat's Eye Technologies

Cat's Eye Technologies is an independent esoteric programming language concern run by Chris Pressey.

It was established in 1995 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, originally as a custom software development and consulting outfit, serving several local clients.

As the years passed and Chris moved around the world and became more and more involved in programming language issues, Cat's Eye Technologies became less and less of a software consulting firm and more and more of a... a what? Whatever the hell it is now.

A sponsoring organization for experimental programming language development.

An aegis for the curation, and appreciation, of programming languages as art. Especially weird ones.

An excuse to refer to ourselves with a plural pronoun.

We'd call it a brand, but we'd feel awfully dirty afterwards.

We believe that, in an environment of rapidly changing requirements, maintainability of source code has the greatest effect on software quality, and that choice of programming language profoundly affects maintainability.

That is our official excuse for being interested in experimental programming languages. The real reason is perhaps more frivolous.

We also believe that open-source software has an important civic and didactic role in modern society. For this reason, many of our software projects have been placed under permissive and OSI Certified licenses such as the BSD license, and made available for public download from


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