Some Games of Note

A collection of collections of entries on games that I consider notable in some way. For more information, see below.

Games of Note

Classic Games


About this Collection

These lists were originally from The Dossier, and were split out into here to permit that collection to evolve in a different direction.

This all comes originally from me having compiled a list of my favourite games I figured that if Wouter could have such a page, then I could too. I had also been told that I have good taste in video games.

It has since blossomed into a list of lists of games of note, where "game" is broader than "video game" and "of note" is broader than "favourite".

But there is still a heavy emphasis on 8-bit video or computer games.

Gameplay generally counts more than the quality of the graphics or sound effects or music, but the latter elements sometimes have their part to play in making a really notable game. "Realism" of the game is generally not a factor.

The lists are often ordered from most impressive (to me) to least impressive. The order and contents of any list in here are subject to change.

Except for the included screenshots, for which the copyright remains with the rights holder of the particular software being depicted and are used here under the auspices of "fair dealing", these articles are (c) 2024 Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, and are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives license.