Texts. But isn't everything in Chrysoberyl a text of some sort? Yes, but those are texts about something. These are texts that stand as works on their own.

Note that concrete poetry and the like may be categorized under Texts, or Pictures, or both.

The Swallows

The Swallows is the name of a series of computer-generated novels, as well as the title of the first novel in the series, and the name of the program that produced them (The Swallows Engine). They were produced for NaNoGenMo 2013.

The Swallows of Summer

The Swallows of Summer is the second novel in The Swallows series of generated novels.

Swallows and Sorrows

Swallows and Sorrows is the third novel in The Swallows series of generated novels.

Dial 'S' for Swallows

Dial 'S' for Swallows is the fourth and final novel in The Swallows series of generated novels.


Nif is a novel generated for NaNoGenMo 2013. It is about a petulant child (possibly named Nif) who has just discovered palindromes. It is one long palindrome.

Nif was inspired by, and draws heavily from, Nick Montfort's "The Utterance of the Petulant Child." In fact, it is pretty much an homage to "Utterance" which attempts to turn the petulance dial up to eleven, so to speak. Its creation was also sparked by a dim memory of the life ambition of one of the characters on the terrible 80's sitcom Head of the Class, which was: to write a novel that was one long palindrome.

Cheshire Text

As if Lewis Carroll's works needed any more remixes...

Doby Mick

With a philosophical flourish Cato hows thrimself upon his sword; I quietly shake to the tip.

Doby Mick, or, the Excessively Spoonerized Whale is a novel generated for NaNoGenMo 2014. A spoonerization algorithm was developed, which picks two words from each phrase of each sentence and swaps their initial consonant clusters. This was run on Moby Dick, to produce this novel.

3×C(21,3)+2×C(215,2)=50000: The Novel

3×C(21,3)+2×C(215,2)=50000: The Novel is a novel generated for NaNoGenMo 2014. The minimum word count for a NaNoGenMo novel is 50,000 words, and the question occurred: if one wanted to make a novel with exactly that many words using just combinations and/or permutations, what combinations should one pick?

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon is a novel generated for NaNoGenMo 2014. It was based on the premise that, while sometimes automata do things worthy of people (like writing a novel), sometimes people do things that are worthy of automata, too.

Hope and Remembrance

Hope and Remembrance is a novel generated for NaNoGenMo 2014. It is possibly the first NaNoGenMo submission which attempts to implement foreshadowing, no matter how ham-fistedly.

Threnody for Abraxas

Threnody for Abraxas is a phantasmagoric Surrealist word/concept-painting generated for NaNoGenMo 2014.

A Time for Destiny

A Time for Destiny is a proper novel generated for NaNoGenMo 2015. It was generated by the program MARYSUE.