A tool by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, Jun 17, 2014

Funicular is a system that semi-automates the creation of development environments on eclectic architectures. "Semi-automate" means it automates what it can, and provides repeatable instructions for you to follow for what it can't.

"Eclectic architectures" is not terribly-well defined, but it includes retrocomputing and esoteric architectures. Basically, if you've got an emulator for it and install and support images for it, you might be able to install and outfit and and run a system for it, using Funicular.

It replaces Amiga Gondola. It can handle such OS/emulator combinations as AmigaDOS 1.3 under E-UAE emulating an Amiga 500, FreeDOS under QEMU, and NetBSD under QEMU.

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