In Chrysoberyl parlance, a gewgaw is the digital version of a bagatelle (music) or a doodle (visual art). It almost always involves visuals (usually animated), sometimes audio, and occasionally interaction.

A gewgaw need not be implemented in HTML5, but many of Cat's Eye Technologies' gewgaws are, and you can can experience them here, online, right in your web browser.

Note that the distinctions between a Gewgaw and an Automaton or even a Game are not always clear, and entries here may be categorized somewhat arbitrarily.

A special kind of gewgaw, for which there is a whole historical "scene", is the "demo". We avoid that terminology here, partly because it has other useful meanings, and partly because demos have a certain thrust which gewgaws need not have (pushing the limits of a computer, being very visually/aurally impressive, sending "greetings" to other demosceners, etc.)

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