Note that the precise distinctions between a Tool, a Platform, and a Library are debatable, and entries may be categorized somewhat arbitrarily.

by Cat's Eye Technologies

  • Console::Virtual (in Perl) (ca 2003)

    Console::Virtual is a simple, lightweight abstraction layer which allows a program to interact with the user through a console, which is emulated on whatever user interface is really available.

  • Rooibos (in Python) (2011)

    Rooibos is a parser combinator library for Python. Modelled somewhat after yeanpypa (self-contained, public domain), but compensates for what I considered a fatal flaw in yeanpypa (no good way to describe a recursive grammar.) Has a fatal flaw of its own (can only parse strictly LL(1) grammars — no backtracking is yet possible.) Originally used in Eightebed, but provided here for ease of transplanting into other projects.

  • seedbank (in Python) (2014)

    seedbank is a Python module which takes care of recording the seed used for random generation, and allowing a previously used seed to be used again in the future.

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