This is a list of events (competitions, jams, etc.) that Cat's Eye Technologies has participated in.

Esoteric Awards 2001

Also known as "The Essies", it has an entry on the esowiki: Esoteric Awards.

We entered HUNTER.

Esoteric Awards 2002

We entered GraNoLa/M.

We also entered 'N-DCNC in an Essies, but I don't recall which year it was.

Mini Game Compo 2009

We entered Bubble Escape 2K. It won first place in its class (2K)!

NaNoGenMo 2013

NaNoGenMo isn't really a competition; or rather, it is, but you are only competing against yourself and the clock (or rather, the calendar.) Here is a list of completed entries for 2013.

During NaNoGenMo 2013 we developed The Swallows Engine and submitted "The Swallows" series of novels:

All except the first were Completed. (The first was a few words shy of 50,000 words.)

We also submitted Nif, which was Completed.

NaNoGenMo 2014

Here is a list of completed entries for 2014.

During NaNoGenMo 2014 we worked in the NaNoGenLab, which was an effort to do one small experiment in procedural text generation per day in the month of November. This was nominally successful, and the fruits of these experiments were turned into a number of Completed novels at the end of the month:

For the unofficial "sub event" of "NaMoDiGenMo" — generate something in the theme Moby Dick — we also submitted Doby Mick (or, the Excessively Spoonerized Whale.)

NaOpGenMo 2014

NaOpGenMo 2014 was a spin-off of NaNoGenMo 2014 where the participants were to spend (the remainder of) the month of November generating a 2.5-hour-long opera.

We submitted The Shortbread Rocketship, which was Completed.

Here are all operas generated for 2014.

AltGameJam 2015

We used this one-off game jam as an excuse to build The New Gamerly Realism.

JS1K 2015 "Hype Train"

JS1K is a yearly Javascript golfing competition. 2015's theme was "Hype Train".

We submitted "Canvas Feedback 1K", which was not a serious attempt at golfing Javascript, but fun to enter regardless.

RetroChallenge 2015/07

We submitted SITU-SOL, which was declared the winner!

The blog we wrote while doing it was called Bootstrap Zero and it contains many scans of hand-written pieces of 6502 assembler code. Some of that code is accessible in a machine-readable form in the SITU-SOL distribution.

NaNoGenMo 2015

Here is a list of completed entries for 2015.

We submitted A Time for Destiny, which was Completed. It was generated by MARYSUE.

NaNoGenMo 2017

Here is a list of completed entries for 2017.

We submitted Legiony McLegionface, Vanish Like: The Novel, and The Collected Works of Every Novel Generator Ever (Abridged Version).

NaNoGenMo 2018

Here is a list of completed entries for 2018.

We submitted The League of Extraordinarily Dull Gentlemen, The Defeat at Procyon V, and ETERLAN SEPTEBMER.

NaNoGenMo 2019

Here is a list of completed entries for 2019.

We submitted Anne of Green Garbles, The Insidiously Rainbow-Wigged Dr. Fu-Manchu, and The Epic of Goog-a-MESH.

NaNoGenMo 2021

Here is a list of completed entries for 2021.

We submitted The Lion, the Witches, and the Weird Road, a novel generated by the Dissociated Parse algorithm.

NaNoGenMo 2023

Here is a list of completed entries for 2023.

We submitted The Other and the Same, a novel generated from a Markov chain obtained by taking the intersection of 10 other Markov chains, using Chainscape.