(A Language for the Pithy Articulation of Cellular Automata)

A programming language in the genre of esolang by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, 1998

Esowiki: ALPACA

ALPACA is a meta-language for describing cellular automata.

Sample Program

/* John Conway's Game of Life, expressed in ALPACA. */
state Dead  " " to Alive when 3 Alive and 5 Dead;
state Alive "*" to Dead when 4 Alive or 7 Dead.

Programming Paradigms

Defined by

alpaca (Python) in the ALPACA distribution


Things written in ALPACA


The acronym used to be "A Language for Programming Arbitrary Cellular Automata". This was not quite accurate, as the automata are not in fact arbitrary, so I changed it.

ALPACA is one of the few of my languages in which I've actually implemented other languages (or, well, cellular automata — close enough).