Oozlybub and Murphy

A programming language in the genre of esolang by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, Dec 2010

Esowiki: Oozlybub_and_Murphy

The name of this language is Oozlybub and Murphy. Despite appearances, this name refers to a single language. The majority of the language is named Oozlybub. The fact that the language is not entirely named Oozlybub is named Murphy. Deal with it. For the sake of providing an "olde tyme esoterickal de-sign", the language combines several unusual features, including multiple interleaved parse streams, infinitely long variable names, gratuitously strong typing, and only-conjectural Turing completeness.

Sample Program

VARIABLES ARE p /p*/, p /q*/.
dynast(3) <->
  (. do (. if? not? exists/dynast 5 ,then
       create/countably/many/dynasts #myself#, 5 .) .) ,then
  (. for each prime /p*|p/ below #myself#+2 do
       for each prime /q*|q/ below /p*|pp/+1 do
         if? not? exists/dynast /p*|p|p/+/q*|q|q/ ,then
           copy/dynast #myself#, /p*|ppp/, /q*|qqq/ .)

Programming Paradigms

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