A programming language in the genre of esolang by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, Sep 2000

Esowiki: Squishy2K

Squishy2K is a language which is a hybrid of string rewriting and finite state automata; as an added twist, it also lets program states serve as functions. It was based largely on an earlier grammar-based language called SQUISHY, taking also some ideas from the language Thue. The original SQUISHY was conceived sometime around 1998, but is now lost. Because it was based largely on EBNF, the author wanted to name it Wirth, but the name SQUISHY was proposed and (somewhat unfortunately) stuck.

Sample Program

* main { start many finish? "Hello, world!"! }

Computational Class

believed Turing-complete

Programming Paradigms

Defined by

squishy2k.pl in the Squishy2K distribution



Download latest release (1.0-2014.0819)


Github: catseye/Squishy2K

Issue tracker: on github

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