A programming language in the genre of esolang by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, Aug 7, 2011

Xoomonk is a programming language in which malingering updatable stores are first-class objects. Malingering updatable stores unify several language constructs, including procedure activations, named parameters, and object-like data structures.

The Xoomonk project was also an experiment in test-driven language design. The specification is largely composed of a number of example programs in the format of Falderal tests, which were written while the language was being designed. These were used to compare the reference implementation, while it was being developed, against the spec.

Sample Program

l := $loop*
counter := 5
l.do := {
  y := x
  print ^.counter
  o := $sub*
  o.x := ^.counter
  o.y := 1
  ^.counter := o.result
  continue := o.result

Computational Class

believed Turing-complete

Programming Paradigms

Defined by

xoomonk.py in the Xoomonk distribution