A programming language in the genre of esolang by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, Aug 24, 2014

Yolk is a tiny S-expression-based programming language (or computational calculus) with a tiny meta-circular interpreter.

Sample Program

(ifeq (head arg) (quote arg)
    (head (tail (tail arg)))
    (ifeq (head (head arg)) (quote head)
        (head (self (cons (head (tail (head arg))) (tail arg))))
        (ifeq (head (head arg)) (quote tail)
            (tail (self (cons (head (tail (head arg))) (tail arg))))
            (ifeq (head (head arg)) (quote cons)
                (cons (self (cons (head (tail (head arg))) (tail arg))) (self (cons (head (tail (tail (head arg)))) (tail arg))))
                (ifeq (head (head arg)) (quote quote)
                    (head (tail (head arg)))
                    (ifeq (head (head arg)) (quote ifeq)
                        (ifeq (self (cons (head (tail (head arg))) (tail arg)))
                              (self (cons (head (tail (tail (head arg)))) (tail arg)))
                              (self (cons (head (tail (tail (tail (head arg))))) (tail arg)))
                              (self (cons (head (tail (tail (tail (tail (head arg)))))) (tail arg))))
                        (ifeq (head (head arg)) (quote self)
                            (self (cons (head (tail arg))
                                    (cons (head (tail arg))
                                      (cons (self (cons (head (tail (head arg))) (tail arg))) (tail (quote (tail)))))))

Computational Class

believed Turing-complete

Programming Paradigms

Defined by

yolk.yolk in the Yolk distribution


Test Requirements


Download latest release (1.0-2015.0101)


Github: catseye/Yolk

Issue tracker: on github

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