You are Reading the Name of this Esolang

A programming language in the genre of esolang by Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies, Nov 2007

Esowiki: You_are_Reading_the_Name_of_this_Esolang

You are Reading the Name of this Esolang is an exploration in the design space of programming languages with undecidable elements. Its syntax is only recursively enumerable: the problem of determining whether or not a given string of symbols is a well-formed You are Reading the Name of this Esolang program is undecidable.

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The description makes it sound a bit more mind-blowing than it actually is. In fact C++ has essentially the same property: it's template system is Turing-complete. In practice, this means you can hang the compiler with templates that expand unboundedly (and the compiler has no means by which to detect all possible compiler-hanging-templates.)